About us

Zeus Capital Partners, LP, a Joint-Venture Development Opportunity Fund, provides equity financing for joint-ventures investing in the development mostly of primary homes as well as secondary (vacation) residences in South Eastern Europe. The Fund's vast developer network also surfaces alternative development opportunities in income producing properties.

Zeus Capital Partners focuses on the real estate markets of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey, and in due course Greece, Cyprus and Montenegro. It concentrates its investments in the capital cities of the targeted countries. However, other major cities in the region are considered as well, especially as the benefits of economic growth in the targeted countries spill over to the other areas.

Our team combines many years of real estate knowledge and experience with focus in the residential development of South Eastern Europe. We provide capital support and know-how to high quality, environmentally sound residential development projects throughout South Eastern Europe to meet the growing needs of people and communities. We do so in partnership with professional developer organizations.


The quality of our Investors makes us proud and committed to accomplishing our mission. Our Board and our Management team are committed to excellence and adhere to ethical business principles and sound corporate governance practices.