Decoration ideas

Ever since its foundation in 2005, Interior Store has brought to the Romanian market a complete range of top-of-the-line personalized services and a wide variety of luxury products, designed to achieve unique and customized homes. It is a dynamic and booming company which has established itself as a brand for those who love art, design, fashion and style.


Interior Store is one of the first companies to have implemented the "Turnkey home" concept in the Romanian marketplace.


The collaboration with famous designers such as T. Zappatta, Cappelletti, Joseph Frank, M. Molteni, M. Marelli, Alberto Tabellini, has helped us offer our clients a broad range of high class products to satisfy their various needs, tastes and styles.


Our mission is to offer our customers the latest products for interior and exterior decoration. We achieve this by conducting thorough, ongoing research to keep up with the latest design trends.


Interior Store is committed to providing the very best in personalized interiors. The simplicity of the lines, shapes and details are the defining elements of an elegant interior design.