The building is located near Herastrau Lake on 41E, Barajul Argesului Street and consists of 9081.72 sqm of built area on 6 floors above ground, is comprised of 35 units and common spaces, as well as two levels below ground.


The building has a basement, a ground floor, 4 floors on a common plan and two floors recessed.
In the basement, there are 40 parking spaces, a Bomb Shelter, 20 storage rooms, technical rooms, a heating plant, and a ventilation plant.
There are 33 apartments up to the 5th floor and two more apartments on the 6th floor extension.


The foundations are a cast in situ reinforced concrete raft general foundation. The structure of the building is realised by columns, diaphragm walls and slabs and beams all from reinforced concrete which, together with the foundation system, creates a rigid anti-seismic frame.


Stairs access are made of cast in situ reinforced concrete.


The Exterior cladding is made up of brick walls and structural diaphragm walls covered externally with polystyrene and plastering and paint as well as decorative bricks in certain parts. Windows, balcony doors and glass panes are of Aluminum profile and tempered glass.
Internal fit outs consist of concrete structural walls and masonry, all clad by gypsum boards.


The building has been designed to have all electromechanical systems connected to the public utilities of the area.
The sanitary system is comprised of hydrofors, having one circuit for potable water and an independent one for fire fighting. The water connection is connected to the metropolitan network of Bucharest.


The infrastructure for the installed air conditioning system supports the installation of separated air conditioning multi split units, 9000 to 12000 BTU for the apartments and 18000 to 24000 BTU for the duplex apartments. The ventilation-smoke exhaust system consists of mechanical ventilating and smoke extraction of the basements. There are 3 ventilators installed to cover all of the building’s needs.